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My go to products! (Under 10 dollars!)

Hey guys! This post will be about my favorite go to products. These are products that I have bought over and over again, and probably will forever! 

First things first, this Organix coconut milk serum is fantastic! With this product, a little goes a LONG way. I would not recommend using this product on dry hair. I always use a dime size amount and work it through towel dried hair. Whether you blow dry, or naturally dry your hair, afterwards it feels so soft and silky, no matter how damaged your hair is! AND you can find it at any drugstore for only 6 dollars! Personally, I think it beats Biosilk by a long shot, and it smells great. Just remember use a small amount on damp hair, or you will have an oily mess!

Secondly, this is the absolute BEST top coat I have ever tried. Seche Vite is fast drying, and SUPER shiny. It also keeps your polish on for days! It is truly wonderful. Then only con is since it is so fast drying, it can get thick after a while, but with a price tag of 5-10 dollars, I feel it is worth the money!

Rosebud salve works wonders for dry, chapped lips! My lips and skin are very prone to drying out, and this stuff honestly heals over night! You will never see me without it. It is around 5-6 dollars as well.
These makeup wipes are great. I use waterproof mascara, and this takes it off like a charm. Its like a magic eraser for your skin! Seriously, I had all kinds of crazy face paint on for Halloween, and it only took one wipe to remove it. I also love it because it is so gentle, and I know it wont break me out. You can get it anywhere for about 7 dollars. Lovely.
Drum roll please... tah dah! This face lotion is a miracle worker. I swear by it. A lot of lotions either won't be moisturizing enough, or it will break me out. This is such a great moisturizer for dry skin, as well as sensitive skin. AND it doesn't effect other creams, lotions, or primers I put on my skin. You can get it at any drugstore for about 8 dollars. I love it!
Like I said, I will be using these 5 products for a long time. They work wonders for me! Hope it helps!